French silk ice cream


I don’t like coffee. So when my sister suggested I eat French silk ice cream, I wasn’t too thrilled with the idea. But ice cream is ice cream, so I decided to give it a try.

French silk ice cream isn’t too bad. It actually tastes nothing like coffee, which was surprising. While I probably won’t go out of my way to eat French silk ice cream, if it’s the only tub of ice cream in our freezer, I now have a new tasty option.

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How I learned to dance

As a small child, I did ballet and tap. I was rocking the plies and shuffle-stomps until I realized that tights were super uncomfortable and it was going to take years to actually get to point, rather than the few lessons like I initially thought. I stopped dance around elementary school and have been an awkward dancer ever since. Let’s just say I can just barely slow dance and my only move is something that slightly resembles the sprinkler.

For my last term of college, I decided to learn how to dance by joining the Martini Swingers for their spring showcase. I was initially terrified when I signed up for the spring showcase. Getting up in front of a large group of people and dance? I’d rather eat ten mussels. I figured the tango would be pretty easy to learn, so I decided to put the tango and cell block tango as my first choices. I figured the tango is basically just a sexy slow dance. Boy was I wrong.

The first tango lesson we had wasn’t too bad. Just your basic step. T-A-N-G-O. It took me like three tries to perfect it but it wasn’t terrible. Then we had the second lesson and I was ready to quit. I learned that the tango is not just your basic step and swaying sexily. Oh no. Tango involves coordination and knowing your left from your right. I have approximately 15% coordination in me and when you throw in memorizing moves, it basically becomes 4% coordination. I honestly can’t tell you my left from my right off the top of my head, so it was challenging. But because I wanted to persevere in my New Years resolution, so I stuck with it.

934605_10200337296248255_2002411618_nWhile I was learning the regular tango, I was also learning moves for the cell block tango from the musical Chicago. While I may have been miserable my first few tango lessons, I had a blast learning the cell block tango. These girls were incredibly fun to work with and the moves were pretty simple to learn.

The day of the spring showcase arrived and I can honestly say it went better than expected! Click here for a video of the regular tango and once I find a video of our performance of the cell block tango, I will post it on here. I messed up a little bit on the regular tango but the audience couldn’t tell so that’s all that mattered. So the final verdict on learning how to dance?

Loved it! Despite the fact it takes me ages to learn moves and memorize them, it’s actually fun seeing yourself progress. I’m definitely planning on taking some social dance classes later on in life. It’s a fun way to stay active and I can honestly say I had a blast.

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Cucumber water, two thumbs down

My roommate has this water bottle that she fills with lemon slices and cucumber every single day. She told me it has some health benefits and it looks really cool, so I decided to give it a try. I only had cucumber in the fridge so I decided just to use cucumber, instead of cucumber and lemon. What I’ve learned is that cucumber water by itself is really, really gross. I’m not entirely sure how people just drink cucumber water but I wouldn’t even force it on my enemies.

Cucumber and lemon slices together, on the other hand, is pretty much the best thing ever. If you have one slice of cucumber and once slice of lemon, it’s the perfect mixture and makes water taste really good. I enjoy water by itself but if you’re looking for something to add a little pizzazz to your every day routine, I would definitely recommend a slice of cucumber and a slice of lemon.

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And so I started a blog

After much contemplation, I decided to start a blog about my New Years resolution. You may be thinking to yourself ‘but it’s mid April! You’re still following your New Years resolution?!?’

And to that question, I say – yes, yes I am. This year my New Years resolution was to try new things or do things that scare me. Very vague, but so far has been very successful. Since January I have:

  1. Tried octopus…and liked it. 
  2. Ate mussel, got halfway through and spit it out. It was like licking a river.
  3. Joined Martini Swingers, an on-campus dance group, where I am learning how to tango.
  4. Ate tomatoes on a quesadilla – this is a huge deal as I detest tomatoes.
  5. Had a new item from the menu every single time I’ve gone to Panera Bread.
  6. Tried some tea but it was plain tea so it wasn’t very good.
  7. Went to New York and Washington, D.C. by myself
  8. Ate veggies on a pizza. Tomatoes were added and it wasn’t bad.
  9. Joined a one-credit painting class with my roommate. It’s actually kind of fun and relaxing.
  10. Ate some Mediterranean food.

Most of these new things involve eating new food. Probably because I desperately love food. But somehow I feel like I’m expanding my horizons just a little bit. I’m doing things that scare me (like dancing and eating octopus) and finding out they can be actually enjoyable. When my first impulse is to say no to something, I doublethink that answer and say “yes.” I hope you join me on my adventures as I try new things!

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