And so I started a blog

After much contemplation, I decided to start a blog about my New Years resolution. You may be thinking to yourself ‘but it’s mid April! You’re still following your New Years resolution?!?’

And to that question, I say – yes, yes I am. This year my New Years resolution was to try new things or do things that scare me. Very vague, but so far has been very successful. Since January I have:

  1. Tried octopus…and liked it. 
  2. Ate mussel, got halfway through and spit it out. It was like licking a river.
  3. Joined Martini Swingers, an on-campus dance group, where I am learning how to tango.
  4. Ate tomatoes on a quesadilla – this is a huge deal as I detest tomatoes.
  5. Had a new item from the menu every single time I’ve gone to Panera Bread.
  6. Tried some tea but it was plain tea so it wasn’t very good.
  7. Went to New York and Washington, D.C. by myself
  8. Ate veggies on a pizza. Tomatoes were added and it wasn’t bad.
  9. Joined a one-credit painting class with my roommate. It’s actually kind of fun and relaxing.
  10. Ate some Mediterranean food.

Most of these new things involve eating new food. Probably because I desperately love food. But somehow I feel like I’m expanding my horizons just a little bit. I’m doing things that scare me (like dancing and eating octopus) and finding out they can be actually enjoyable. When my first impulse is to say no to something, I doublethink that answer and say “yes.” I hope you join me on my adventures as I try new things!

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One Response to And so I started a blog

  1. Ouu, I love Octopus ever since I tried it as a little girl, unfortunately I have not had the pleasure to taste it in the last 8 years. Number 5 is definitely a difficult one to achieve for most people! I do love to order the same thing whenever I visit a restaurant! But hey, I’m sure you are reaping benifits

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